The Audex 360 Story

The Team Behind Audex 360

Audex360 is owned and operated by Intelisys Inc, a ScanSource company ($3B), and designed exclusively for telecom agents, VARs, MSPs and IT Solution Providers who sell telecom and cloud services. The development team is comprised of 20+ year telecom and cloud veterans who combined their knowledge, and the knowledge and experience of thousands of their Channel sales professionals, into this simple-to-use software

What is Audex 360

Audex 360 is an incredibly easy-to-use Software-as-a-Service CRM that can be accessed anywhere. The Audex 360 team makes updates and upgrades to the software continuously, so it evolves as your business and the telecom/cloud industries evolve.

The best part about Audex 360 is that is was designed with the end in mind. With all your business information contained in Audex 360, you get full 360 degree visibility into your sales and operations and can make effective decisions accordingly to grow your business.

Huge New Revenue Opportunity

You’ve already got your customer’s information in Audex 360. Now you can offer Audex 360 to your customers with the click of a button. So they can see all their inventory, contracts, and locations by logging into their own Audex 360 portal.

You can brand the customer-facing Audex 360 to your colors and logo as well as your customer’s colors and logo. And you can do this all without a programmer because it’s incredibly simple to do.

Customer-Facing Audex 360 is now a new line of MRR, with minimal extra work on your end.

Get it Now

Don’t waste time trying to customize a system built for banks, manufacturers, and widgets. And don’t risk your reputation and revenues on missing vital information.

Audex 360 is available to Intelisys Sales Partners as well as those not yet Intelisys Sales Partners.

See the pricing here.