Audex 360 CRM

$149.00 / month and a $299.00 sign-up fee

Telecom & Cloud Management Platform

$149/month plus $299 Quickstart Fee
Includes 15 user accounts.

Optional Add-ons (paid for AFTER purchasing your initial license):

  • Additional User Accounts($25/month per user)
  • Additional Storage ($9.99/month for 5 GB)


Audex 360 Features Four Tools in a Single Packages



  • Save time with prospects, customers, suppliers, and contracts all in one searchable home in the cloud.
  • Sync data from Intelisys’ RPM with a single click.
  • Invest more time in relationship building thanks to streamlined business processes.
Asset Management

Asset Management

  • Take advantage of a pre-loaded inventory database and cloud and telecom workflows.
  • Manage suppliers from within the interface; easily create records of orders.
  • Skip the learning curve; leverage 20 years of cloud and telecom functionality.
Project Management

Project Management

  • Optimize every step of the sale, from discovery to implementation.
  • Add more value for your customers by becoming a process-built company.
  • Grow by making smart business decisions with reporting at your fingertips.
Customer Portal

Customer Portal

  • Create branded end customer user accounts with the push of a button.
  • Make your customers more “sticky” with self-service visibility into their inventory, locations, services, etc.
  • Generate a massive line of MRR with almost no extra work.

Common Questions

Yes, there are no usage terms. It is month to month.
You will have a contract to sign as a user. You can cancel the service after 30 days. The $299 Quickstart fee is non-refundable.

The power of Audex 360 comes from its customization to the telecom and IT channels (and MRR). We’ve learned that telecom agents and IT Solution Providers are exponentially more likely to benefit from Audex 360 when they get support for setup, including training on importing existing customers and data and providing personal training on how to use the platform. One of our On-boarding Reps will personally work with your team in our structured Quickstart Process each week, for 4 weeks, to get you up and running. Our Audex 360 personnel walk your team through the initial setup of the platform so you get the full benefit of the system right out of the gate.

10GB will give you approximately 250 End Customer Users.

Sign up includes 10 Gigs. You can add 5 Gigs for $9.99 per month. Your card will be billed automatically at the end of each month.
Audex 360 takes privacy concerns very seriously. Audex 360 implements the following industry standard security procedures:
  1. Each Audex 360 domain stores information in a single tenant database and file structure.
  2. Login credentials are hashed with industry standard encryption.
  3. All site traffic is performed over a secured connection with 128 bit encryption provided by an external security vendor.
  4. Security best practices are provided during the training in regard to setting up customer and user access. In over 10 years of operation the original Audex platform has never been compromised or experienced a data breach.
Audex 360 comes with a block of 15 user licenses. Each additional user account created after your 15th will cost $25 per month.

With Audex 360, you get to input unlimited customers into the CRM (subject to storage fees). A feature unique to Audex 360 is that you can allow your customers to access their information (inventory, locations, services, etc.) by creating a “End Customer User” account for them with the push of a button. They’ll get a username and password and you can control what information they can view.

NOTE: This End Customer Portal is NOT Intelisys branded. It shows YOUR Brand. Your customer will see your logo and even their own logo if you desire. You can integrate it with your website allowing you to drive customers to your website every time they want to log in. It’s a big step into launching your own professional services business.